Training to Enhance Services for

English Language Learners


Module A: Normal stages of second language development and how bilingualism influences language, literacy, and cognitive development


Module B: Promoting successful teacher-child interactions with ELLs and participation at various proficiency stages


Module C: Strategies to facilitate and enhance peer-interactions in the classroom

Module D: Tips for monolinguals serving bilingual children


Module E: Considerations for language assessment of ELLs


Module F: Providing inclusive classroom interventions and differentiated instruction to meet the needs of struggling learner


Presentations and Materials Generously Shared by SLPs Supporting Our Learning Community

Bilinguistics, supportive module handouts

Caitlin Panke, M.S., CCC-SLP:

Kristen (Hickman) Fox, M.S., CCC-SLP:


These modules have been developed for use by speech-language pathologists and educators who are qualified to provide professional development on the topic of English language learners.  Presenters may adapt these modules as needed.  Please acknowledge all sources appropriately.  We also request that users share their feedback and suggestions using the online survey linked to each module.  If you would like to support our professional learning community by sharing your materials, we encourage you to contact us.